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Basement Renovation from Empty Room to Living Space

We Build the Fun Stuff can create a luxurious space out of seemingly nothing. This project had our team designing, building and finishing an entire living quarters from a barren basement—what we refer to as a “gray shell.” This 1,200-square-foot unfinished basement was empty yet full of potential. The homeowners wanted to create a functioning living space to include a master bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closets, living room and bar. Where many would see an improbable challenge, We Build the Fun Stuff saw immense opportunity. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Listening to the Homeowner Is the Most Important

This full basement remodel required that we truly listen to the needs of the homeowner. With so many rooms needing to be incorporated into such a large space, we wanted to ensure that everything was laid out in a way that was functional while maintaining an open flow from space to space. When planning where to place the bathroom, bedroom and large bar/living room space, we also took into consideration the homeowners’ hobbies.

By closely listening to the client, we were able to incorporate their two loves—Michigan State and horses. We also incorporated all of their must-haves, which included no doors in order to establish an open flow, a space to showcase horse show ribbons, room to store wine and heated floors. The entire space is brimming with small details that make all the difference, from heated floors to the imported hand-cut stone serving as the threshold to the shower.

We Make Sure to Include All of the Finishing Touches

We take the time to never leave out what will make your space truly unique—and truly fun! One of the biggest elements to making this basement a success included moving a structural beam that would have otherwise obstructed the grand, open entrance to the master bedroom. Instead of making the pathway smaller or trying to disguise the post, we brought in engineers to plan an alternative load-bearing solution. We re-engineered the space with a truss and framing. Then, we crafted a gorgeous barrel ceiling which not only left the space wide open, but it also made the entire area appear bigger.

Every cabinet from the back-bar to the bathroom to the spacious walk-in master bedroom closet was custom-built from clear ash. Our custom cabinets can be built to exact needs, which makes them an incredibly better option over store-bought cabinetry. The master bathroom is a seamless transition from the master bedroom and features a dual-sink vanity near an open entry to the custom shower. The handcrafted bar top uses a structural post that we turned into a beautiful architectural feature that perfectly frames the bar area.

Beyond the bar is ample space to showcase both Michigan State and horse passions while leaving room for a television, an icemaker, a dishwasher and two refrigerators for as many snacks and beverages they can muster.

Adjacent to the bar is the main living area—a spacious and architecturally interesting living room where the homeowners will be able to kick back and relax. To make the area more interesting, we installed a soffit that houses ambient lighting as well as structural features to showcase a flat screen, fun tech accessories and sound system. We believe even the slightest architectural features can truly make the space stand out.

The homeowners also wanted a room to sip and store wine. By creating an arched doorway, complete with a custom-built door that matches the arch’s radius, and lining the threshold with stone, we truly created the feeling of walking into an old-world wine cellar. Details like a stone-framed doorway, barnwood floor tiling behind the bar, and the numerous architectural facets make this a one-of-a-kind space that the homeowners will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Complete Transparency from Start to Finish

We Build the Fun Stuff goes above and beyond to make sure there is complete transparency about your project’s progress from start to finish. The homeowners for this basement renovation knew what our contractors were doing, where they would be and when they would be doing anything through the entire course of the project.

By incorporating our custom online project management tools, these homeowners were able to see the entire timeline of their project laid out before them for the entire 12-week span of this particular remodel. This easy-to-use software ensures projects run smoothly and that you are always in the know. This is also an easy way to keep our professionals in contact with you. The timelines outline when materials will be delivered, when they’ll be installed and when your project moves into its next phases. For example, if your Builder Trend file says that flooring will be installed two weeks from the start date, you will be able to count on us sticking to that timeline and installing flooring in two weeks.

No one ever enjoys feeling like they’re left in the dark. From design to construction to finishing touches, these homeowners were included for the entire ride. They picked through samples brought to them so they could get an idea of the exact color of a stain or tile, they approved just the right architectural features and they planned how they wanted the space to be used. You will never feel like you’re losing control of your project and you will never be left wondering where we are in your project.

We Build the Fun Stuff Makes Basements Fun

This was a large project that incorporated planning, design, construction and finishing. From the master plan to the minor details, we were able to achieve the master living space the homeowners had wanted. This full basement remodel was challenging and fun—and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Beautiful results were obtained through our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail all while incorporating the personal touches the homeowners wanted to showcase in their new space. We loved the finished result and we know they do, too.

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