Our Process

We Build the Fun Stuff will help you see beyond what your basement is now. While you might see an unsavable space, we see a blank slate. Living should be nothing less than thrilling in the comforts of home, and We Build the Fun Stuff has been perfecting fun for decades. We’ve been outfitting homes with the good stuff across the Twin Cities since 1988 and there’s no stopping in sight. Luxury saunas, fun basements, laid­back bars, relaxing theaters—you name it, we can build it! No matter what you’ve been imagining, we can help make your dream room a reality.

Instead of trudging across a cold concrete floor through a drab and dreary room only to finish laundry, picture yourself dimming the lights, cuing your favorite flick and sinking into one of the deep recliners just a few feet from your personal home theater. Imagine becoming your buddies’ favorite bartender while pouring another ladle of water on the hot rocks of your personal sauna. You might see unsavable boredom while we know we can build you unbelievable fun and a space for making countless memories.

Step back and visualize how much fun that space will provide for your family. We have the ability to draw up an entirely new basement and make it the hub of entertainment and relaxation you’ve always hoped for. You might think your basement is too small or cramped to create a functioning, livable space, but we’re here to help you realize its true potential. Go ahead, dream big with plans for wet bars, saunas, ultimate bathrooms and home theaters because you’ll be amazed by how affordable fun really is. What you may have thought would be an overpriced dream of a design may actually only cost a fraction of that.

Turn Ugly into Fun with the Best Basement Ever

Whether you need the perfect man cave or extra room for your growing family, we can make sure it’s nothing short of spectacular. So, what’s your next project?

Scheduling your appointment now is the first step to making your home fun. Let’s get started today.