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Press Start for Fun: Basement Game Rooms

Written by Will Valento

Times have changed, as now games have become the center of what it means to be a kid in the 21st century. Did I say kid? We all have the urge to game, but for some it has become a lifestyle that brings a great amount of perceived value to gamers. And let’s take a moment to state a universal truth: games are awesome. Whether you’re a diehard fan of pool, shuffleboard, video games or air hockey, games are a phenomenal way to forget about your worries and unwind with family and friends. If only you could dedicate a space in your home to the celebration of games in all their competitive glory. But surely a project like that would be far too difficult to be worth the effort, right?

Wrong. At We Build the Fun Stuff, we pride ourselves in helping you realize your dream of a more exciting, personalized and fun home that beautifully reflects your interests and hobbies. And if you list gaming as one of your passions (and we know you do), then a basement game room should be the next home improvement project you set your mind on. Today, to help you decide whether this unique renovation option is the right choice for you and your family, we’ll be discussing four huge perks of building a basement game room in your home.

1. They’re Great for Entertaining Guests

Whether you’re hosting old friends or new friends, games are a fantastic way to break the ice and get people to connect through genuine excitement and cooperation. Plus, it beats the pants off of an hour of small talk about your careers and odd shifts in the weather. Have a group of fellow video game fans in your midst? Then start up your new game console and start racing, bowling, dancing or brawling. Or perhaps your guests fancy themselves as expert pool players? If so, then chalk up your pool stick and show them how to break like a pro. With a basement game room, your entertainment options for company are nearly endless. Karaoke, darts, fighting game tournaments, the sky’s the limit. And don’t even get us started on how fun these spaces can be with the addition of a custom home bar…

2. They’re a Perfect Space for “Me Time”

As fun as it is to entertain and socialize with your guests and loved ones, there’s nothing better than taking an hour or two to yourself to relax and recharge your batteries, especially if you have a handful of young ones running around the house. The beauty of basement game rooms is that you can design them with just about any features you can think of. Comfy recliners, mini fridges, gaming consoles, desktop PCs, you name it. Whether you need a nap, a game of online poker, a few hours of virtual questing and dragon slaying, or just a cold beer at the end of the night, your game room will be ready to accommodate.

3. They’re a Wonderful Way to Bond With Family

It’s no secret that getting the family together for more than a few minutes each day is a challenge, particularly if your kids participate in a handful of extracurricular activities. That’s where your basement FUN room comes in. Setting up a weekly game night is a perfect excuse to bring your family together for a couple hours of laughter, bonding and friendly competition that everyone can enjoy. Even if it’s just a few rounds of team table tennis or foosball before bedtime, gaming with the family is a phenomenal way to stay connected and catch up with the people you love most. It also gives you a chance to impress your spouse or kids with your superhuman Metal Slug skills, an opportunity that should never be passed up.

4. They Encourage Friendly Competition

Who doesn’t enjoy a competitive game every now and then? Basement game rooms afford endless opportunities to challenge your family or friends to your favorite games. Is everyone set on watching a different TV show tonight? Then settle things once and for all with a few quick rounds of Pac-Man or Joust. Debating with your spouse over where you should take the kids to dinner? A game of table hockey will sort things out. These casual games are also a perfect way to introduce your kids to competition and teach them how to win and lose gracefully. Just be sure to hug it out after each game!


Enhance Your Home With We Build the Fun Stuff

Interested in building a fully customized game room in your basement? Then be sure to get your free design consultation from We Build the Fun Stuff by contacting us today! You can also reach out to us if you have any questions about a particular home remodeling service we offer or want more advice on which home renovation projects will add the most value and fun to your home. We look forward to hearing from you soon, fellow gamers.

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