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How To Make Your Basement Affordable and Fun!

Written by Will Valento

Do you have an unfinished basement that’s just begging to be redone, or has your basement been turned into a dumping ground for your family’s holiday decorations and unused exercise equipment? You’d be surprised by the number of people who leave their basements unfinished. Not only will a basement provide a fun space for your entire family to enjoy, but it will also increase the resale value of your home. Refinishing your basement might seem like an unreachable goal, but we can help make your basement transformation affordable and fun!

At We Build the Fun Stuff we’re all about turning your unused basement into your family’s favorite vacation spot! From bars to home theaters – we’ve done it all since 1988. We believe that living should be nothing less than thrilling in the comfort of your own home. So how do we make a basement redesign affordable and fun? It all starts with an idea.

Let’s Dream Up Ways To Make Your Basement Fun

If you can dream it, we can build it! The first step to transforming your basement into a fun and inviting space is to let yourself dream big. Take down the walls that you’ve constructed around your imagination. These prompts will help you start imagining the basement of your dreams.

  • What do you like doing in your free time?
    • Imagine it’s 3pm and work is dragging. You pull out your phone and begin to search the internet…for what? Like most people, your search might include pictures of your dream house or finding remarkable destinations for your next vacation. That’s the sort of fun stuff we want to incorporate into your home. A vacation only lasts for a short time, but your home will last a lifetime. We Build The Fun Stuff can turn your basement into your own private oasis.
  • How do you like to spend your time with friends and family?
    • Do you like to gather around the flat screen to watch the big game? Or do you meet up with friends to battle it out with dice or cards playing your favorite game?
  • When winter comes, how do you spend your time inside?
    • Our Minnesota winters can be brutal and often force us inside for long periods. You need a space to match your needs. What would you like to do inside on a cold Saturday: flex your muscles, work on your brewery skills, or curl up with a good book?

Hopefully, these prompts have unleashed your creative side. But if not, don’t worry. We’ve created a list of 10 insanely fun basement inspirations that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Deciding What Your Basement’s Purpose Will Be

Now that you have a vague vision in mind let’s try to narrow it down. The next step in envisioning your new basement is to decide what it’s purpose will be. Which of these options best describes what you are looking for in your new space?

A space for your family to bond together.

  • A space for your children to hang out with their friends.
  • A space to hang out with your friends.
  • A space to focus on what you love.
  • A space to learn and work.
  • A space to be active indoors.

Finding Inspiration For Your Project

Once you know how you want your new basement to function, it’s time to start thinking about some of the key design features. Don’t worry if you can’t come up with all of the particulars, our team of creative designers will help you craft a stunning design and will assist you in choosing everything from doorknobs to light fixtures.

Is there anything you know that you want in your new basement? Such as hardwood floors, carpeting, recessed lighting, or crown molding? A good way to begin thinking about the key features of your new basement is to look at the spaces that you already enjoy. If you have a favorite room in your house or a favorite hangout in town, try to find the exact details that you love about it. Outside of the central theme of your room, i.e., a sports area to watch the big game or a wine cellar to store your impressive collection, what are some important features that the room must have? Once you have decided on all of the above aspects of your new basement, it’s time to start bringing your dreams to life.

Make It Affordable And Fun With We Build The Fun Stuff

Whether you choose a full basement redesign or a smaller upgrade, we will work with you to find the perfect solution for any of your budgetary constraints. There’s no need to settle for ordinary; we’ve turned thousands of basements into customized retreats. Here are just a few of the basement options that we offer. If you don’t see your vision don’t worry! We always are excited to try something new, and we love a challenge.

  • Home Theater
  • Custom Bar
  • Exercise Room
  • Sauna
  • Wine Room
  • Cigar Room
  • Poker Room
  • Game Room

We Build the Fun Stuff offers FREE In-Home Design Consultation for every project. We’ll come in, discuss your vision and help you find the perfect solution that is custom tailored to your preferences. Additionally, when you build with We Build the Fun Stuff all of your needs will be met in house. Design, plan and build all with one versatile team. This will help you avoid any last minute surprises from independent contractors.

We’ve been building homeowner’s dream basements for over 25 years. Our years of skilled experience in creating fun and usable spaces mean you’re going to get a job well­ done at a price you can truly afford. Let’s turn your basement into your own vacation spot today.

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