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Designing the Perfect Basement for Football Game Days

Written by Will Valento

When it comes to designing the perfect basement for game day, two key elements stand out: dining and home theater upgrades. While a new coat of paint or new throw pillows can go a long way, focusing on these two areas in your basement will transform your home into the go-to destination for your family and friends on game day.

At We Build the Fun Stuff, we’ve been helping Minnesota homeowners create the basements of their dreams since 1988. From complete remodels to smaller fixes, we offer a variety of design and construction services that are sure to transform your basement into a fun hangout that the whole family will love! So when it comes time to remodel your basement, start with these upgrades and give our experts a call to get your space ready for the big game.

Kitchenette Upgrades to Wow Your Guests

What game day would be complete without food! From classics like hot wings to unique options like specialty desserts, your family and friends are going to expect you to provide the goods, or at least the space for the goods while enjoying the game at your house. Making room for all that foody goodness can be challenging. But with a few modifications to your basement design, you can make sure that every soda, chicken wing, and carrot stick has a place to call home during your next game day party.

If you’re adding a kitchenette area to your basement, you’ll want to include plenty of counter space, complete with a few outlets for things like crockpots. And if you’re short on wall space, you can always invest in hidden outlets. These work great for islands and breakfast bars. Adding counter space along a wall is a great, practical way to provide visitors with a place to prep their meals. But for a real touchdown, consider adding an island, bar top, or statement dining piece. This way, you’ll have plenty of room to prepare your food and serve it up without everyone stepping on one another’s toes.

And while you’re constructing your kitchenette, make sure to include a fridge of some kind. For minimal storage, you can include a mini fridge tucked into some cabinetry, or a full sized fridge for convenience if space allows. If you want to really wow your guests, consider adding a wine fridge or keg tap for some flair and convenience. To really score a few extra points, you could also add a wine cellar to your remodel list. At We Build the Fun Stuff, we’ve helped countless families create stunning wine cellars as a part of their basement makeovers.


Home Theatre Upgrades Fit for a King

Simple flat screens are so last year. The new way to excite your guests during the big game is through an immersive home theatre experience. Between soundproofing, a state-of-the-art sound system, a deluxe movie screen, and luxury theatre seating, you’re sure to wow your guests with an amazing sporting experience.

Let’s break down each of these elements. First: soundproofing. Soundproofing will help to contain the excitement of the big game, while still providing your guests with a fun experience. We recommend R-11 unfaced insulation batts to help with noise management; these funky batting pieces can be arranged in a multitude of interesting ways to be both practical and visually pleasing in your new entertainment zone.

Next, when it comes to sound systems, your choices are nearly limitless. To have a fully immersive viewing experience, you can either choose to invest in a high-quality sound bar or a full sound system. The choice is yours when it comes to the number of stereos you want to incorporate into your final design.

Following the sound system is the all-important TV. The TV you watch the big game on is one of the most important features that your new entertainment space will boast. And in today’s day and age, there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to viewing mediums. Some homeowners utilize custom built-ins to house a modern flat screen, while others opt to use a projector setup so that their space can easily be used for other entertaining activities. From game day to movie night, a high-quality TV is a must for your entertainment space.

And who can forget luxury seating! From chaise lounges to leather recliners, the right seating arrangement can be the pièce de résistance in your space. Try selecting seating that will offer your guests a place to sit and serve a design function as well. Whether that function is tying the room together or standing out as a focal point is up to you! Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s fun!


Get Your Basement Ready for the Big Game

If you’ve been dreaming about remodeling your basement, now’s the time! With a few months until your favorite teams take back to the field, right now is the perfect time to transform your basement into your neighborhood’s football destination! To help you get started, we’re offering FREE design consultations. Give our experts a call to transform your basement today!

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