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5 Fun Basement Upgrades for Your Overnight Guests

Written by Will Valento

Hosting family or extra company overnight is a stressful process for many homeowners. Why? Mostly because the average guest space isn’t equipped with the comforts needed to make guests feel fully comfortable. This is especially true for basements, which are usually better suited for boxes and spiderwebs than visitors. If you’re looking to transform your dingy, bland basement into a space that will delight family and overnight company alike, you’ll need to invest in a few upgrades. The only question is—which ones will pack the most comfort and fun into your home?

For almost three decades, We Build the Fun Stuff has been working with homeowners across the Twin Cities to turn their vision of a perfect living space into a reality. Whether you need a new bedroom, stylish basement cabinets, a cozy home fireplace or any other renovation imaginable, our team has you covered. Over the years, we’ve refined hundreds of basements, turning them from dull storage zones into the comfiest and most exciting spaces in the house. Today, we’ll be running through five of our favorite basement upgrades to help you make your basement even more comfortable for overnight guests.

1. The Basement Bar

Who doesn’t enjoy a few drinks when the day’s winding down? Installing a well-stocked bar in your basement is the best way to inject class and comfort into the space. With the addition of a pizza oven and soda beverages, it can serve as a great socializing space for kids, too! Basement bars are even more fun if you keep them near a big plasma TV or a dartboard. During the night, you and your guests can relax and chat the hours away. And once you head upstairs to bed, your visitors will have a great spot to keep the party going or simply unwind with one last drink. Put simply, a basement bar allows your company to feel more comfortable in the space, making their stay even more enjoyable.

2. The Basement Sauna

A home sauna in your basement is a wonderful investment if you or your company enjoy sweating away stress or worries. Sweatboxes cleanse the pores, relax muscles and offer a quiet, cozy space that’s ideal for self-reflection and quiet conversations with great friends. Best of all, custom saunas can be built to match the exact dimensions and aesthetic of your basement, ensuring that they’ll comfort visitors while complimenting the overall look and personality of your home. Just be sure your guests have access to a nearby shower if you go through with this awesome upgrade.

3. The Basement Theater

Home theaters are a natural choice if your visitors enjoy a bit of movie magic! These spaces include the cutting-edge audio and projection gear required for complete cinematic immersion, allowing guests to lose themselves in the atmosphere and tension of their favorite films. There’s nothing quite like a good flick before heading off to bed, especially if your occupants have a few kids in tow. Your home theater can even double as a gaming zone with the addition of a console and a few wireless controllers!

4. A New Basement Finish

It’s amazing how drastically a new basement finish can breathe life and energy into the area. This finish can be tailored to your unique passions, adding more character and individuality to your home. Whether you and your guests are massive sports fans, gamers, music lovers or cinephiles, you can create a custom basement finish that reflects these interests. Just take a look at this gorgeous basement finish we completed for this excessive Green Bay Packers fan in Eden Prairie if you need an example. The possibilities are endless!

5. The Basement Fireplace

Heating up at the fireside with loved ones is a timeless pleasure, especially when those chilly Minnesota winters arrive. Adding a custom fireplace to your basement helps to keep the space nice and toasty for visitors while lending a healthy dose of atmosphere. Trust us, just a dash of light and warmth can do wonders for the appeal and personality of your basement. This upgrade is particularly appealing if you’re hosting a couple of lovebirds who enjoy romantic nights by the softly crackling flames.

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