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5 Fun and Affordable Upgrades for Your Living Room

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Your living room should be the most popular space in the house, a veritable treasure trove of excitement and fun. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t have the cash to implement all of the unique and creative improvements that our living rooms deserve. But hang on one second, who says that these renovations need to burn a hole in your wallet? Here at We Build the Fun Stuff, it’s our mission to turn every family room in the Twin Cities (including yours) into a haven of laughter, joy and relaxation. We fervently believe that fun should be affordable, so today, we’ll be giving you a run-through on five incredibly fun and inexpensive upgrades for your living room.

1. Turn up the Heat with a Custom Fireplace

Nothing brings a living room together like a high-quality fireplace. Don’t believe us? Then just take a look at some of the gorgeous designs we’ve arranged for some of our clients. There’s no better way to shake off the chill of Minnesota’s winters or set the perfect mood for a romantic night at home than with a custom fireplace that compliments the aesthetic of your living room. Lose yourself as you watch the dancing flames, uncork a bottle of wine and share some fond memories with friends, or grab a quick nap amidst the gentle crackling. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, if you choose the right home improvement contractors (that’s us), installing one of these beautiful units doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We Build the Fun Stuff offers an extensive selection of different designs (over 3500, in fact) to match your style and your budget. No one does fireplaces better than us.

2. Head to the Cinema Every Night with a Home Theater

Whether you’re a sports buff, cinephile, or casual watcher, you understand how important it is to create a comfortable and immersive viewing area. After all, it’s tough to get invested in your content when you’re watching it inside of a dull and dreary room. We Build the Fun Stuff specializes in designing phenomenal home theaters of every shape and size. We can build you an elaborate space with leather recliners and a giant projector, or just make a few simple tweaks to your space to improve its viewer capacity or sound quality. Turn down the lights, grab your favorite beverage, and bring a few friends or loved ones along for a cinematic adventure from the comfort of home. Don’t forget the popcorn.

3. Get Organized with Customized Storage Pieces

Living rooms fill up with stuff at breakneck speed, especially when you have little ones contributing to the mess. All that clutter can make it a nightmare to find the remote or relax on the couch without tossing piles of blankets, pillows or toys out of your way. That’s where a few personalized cubbies or cabinets can come in handy. We Build the Fun Stuff can upgrade your living room with a diverse range of storage spaces to make the process of organizing effortless. Bring order to the chaos with the addition of stylish and sleek cubbyholes for storing blankets, or invest in some elegant and attractive cabinets to collect and protect your favorite game and DVD cases. We won’t rest until we’ve created a flawless living room design to store or show off all of your cool objects and items.

4. Make It Classier with a Home Bar

You don’t have to be a celebrity or a charming undercover spy to enjoy the luxury of a home bar. Turn your living room into a perfect social space for holiday celebrations or weekly get-togethers with friends. We Build the Fun Stuff can help you design a personalized bar top and barback that mesh seamlessly with the current look of your living room. We can even install a mounted television or two so that your bar’s users can enjoy the game or watch their favorite show. Just don’t come crying to us when your friends start insisting on making you the host of every party. That’s the price you pay for having this upgrade installed.

5. Transform Your Space with a Theme You’re Passionate About

Maybe you’re a massive fan of a certain sports team. Maybe you’re a huge sci-fi fan with a penchant for laser swords and ray guns. Or maybe you have an affinity for the look and feel of the Old West. No matter what your passion is, We Build the Fun Stuff can help you transform your living room into a space that pays tribute to your favorites hobbies, stories, places, or people. Whether you’re set on customizing your living room into a space that honors the steampunk look, the Rebel Alliance or the New England Patriots, we can walk you through the process of assembling the exact design and layout you need.

Upgrade Your Living Room with We Build the Fun Stuff Today

Now that we have your head swimming with these incredible renovations, you’re probably eager to get started with working on your own living room. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. We Build the Fun Stuff can help you pull even the most ambitious living room upgrades out of your mind and into reality. If you’re interested in our services, then be sure to call or message us today and set up an appointment. We can’t wait to help you with your next project.

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