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4 Incredibly Fun Features for Your Man Cave

Written by Will Valento

From the big game to weekly poker nights, a man cave is a place that any group of men can call home. Man caves are the perfect space to let loose and unwind, especially when it comes to design. At We Build the Fun Stuff, we love helping men design and create their ideal man caves through custom interior solutions.

Every man has a few items that’s he’s always dreamed of having in his house; like an air hockey table or custom gaming center. A man cave is the perfect opportunity to add these manly touches to your home! Sectioned off from the rest of your house, you can go hog wild in your man cave without throwing off the look and feel of the rest of your home. Go big or go home, right? Because if that’s the case, here are four features we’d wanted included in our personal man caves.

The Ultimate TV

Nowadays, everyone has a flat screen. So if you want to really wow your guests at the next boys night, you’ll need to take your TV setup to the next level. Our recommendation? A home theatre. Let loose and go crazy! Investing in a proper home theatre system will make game day and poker night that much better. From a state of the art sound system to a 4k projection system, or a high quality Flat Screen the only limitation is your imagination.

We’ve installed some pretty cool home theaters in our time. You can seriously start to up the fun-factor of your basement once you start investigating your home theatre options. According to Digital Trends, here are the best home theatre TVs of 2018. QLEDs and 4K UHD TVs seem to be leading the way.

  1. LG C7-Series 4K OLED TV
  2. Samsung Q9F 4K QLED TV
  3. Sony A1E OLED TV
  4. Sony X930E 4K LED UHD TV
  5. LG Signature OLED 65W7P W7
  6. TCL 55-inch P-Series Roku TV

But what if you want to avoid space-consuming TVs? Then your best bet is to opt for a projector. These ultimate man cave projectors aren’t like the ones your English teacher used in High School. Today’s modern projects can project a 4K cinematic-quality picture onto any surface. Once again, we turned to Digital Trends to find the best home theater projectors for 2018. Here are their top pics.

  • BenQ HT2550
  • Optoma HD142X
  • Sony VW285ES
  • Epson 1450 HC
  • LG PF1000UW
  • AAXA P300

The Epitome of Manhood: The Urinal

When we ask men what one thing is that they would include in their dream renovation, one of the most popular answers is a good urinal. And honestly, we kind of get it; urinals are cleaner and an all around better option for men. When missing the target just isn’t an option, adding a urinal to your man cave bathroom is an easy way to give the space personality while keeping it clean. But if you’re not quite ready to commit to a urinal in your man cave bathroom, we can help you add in some other fun bathroom updates that will transform your space into one that you’ll never want to leave. From private saunas for the boys to jacuzzi tubs to unwind in; we can add some much needed fun to your man cave’s bathroom setup.

A Kegerator

Why drink beer by the bottle when you and the boys can enjoy a freshly drawn pint straight from the keg whenever you want? If you don’t already have a custom bar in your man cave then now’s the time to add one! And while you’re doing it, thrown in a kegerator for good measure. A kegerator works by using carbon dioxide to push beer up and out of a spigot attached to the exterior of the kegerator. Kegerators resemble mini fridges with beer taps poking out their front, and as such, are easy to incorporate into any design. Kitchen Byte ranks the following kegerators as the best available in 2018.

  • EdgeStar BR3001SS Full Size Kegerator
  • Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cubic-Foot Kegerator Beer Dispenser
  • EdgeStar KC7000SSTRIP Triple Tap Tower Cooled Kegerator
  • Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator
  • Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Beer Refrigerator

Take It up a Level with a Cigar Room

What’s the best way to finish off a boys night? A nice cigar and cup of wisey enjoyed in the comfort of your own man cave cigar room. Nothing will impress the lads more than a room dedicated to the fine art of cigar enjoyment. If you’re passionate about cigars, then you understand the importance of keeping your smoky friends at the right temperature and humidity. While a standard humidor may hold a few of your absolute favorites, a cigar room can accommodate your entire growing collection as well as all of your friends.

Create the Man Cave of Your Dreams with We Build the Fun Stuff

At We Build the Fun Stuff, we do actually what our name says; we build the fun stuff! So whether you want to build a man cave from scratch or remodel an existing space, we’re here for you. We’ve been a part of some pretty fun projects over the last couple of years, and we look forward to helping you create the man cave of your dreams. If you’d like to receive a free design consultation, or learn more about how We Build the Fun Stuff can help make your man cave dream become a reality.

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